We the hard work already being done in our communities. Many of our Partners are residents of the community where they serve. Our Partners are the boots-on-the-ground. We support the grass-roots organizations who have the potential to make lasting change if they are sustainable. That's where Kinetic Community Foundation comes in...we help our Partners create initiatives that enables them to connect more deeply with the needs of their communities, our support widens their reach, and implements sustainability models.  We hope someday you will join us. 



One of the biggest challenges faced by the 4,000+ homeless citizens in Baltimore is to maintain their personal hygiene. Getting clean is a huge issue for people living on the streets, because few shelters and service providers have showers, and those that do are either communal shower space or in such limited supply, making it a very long wait for people to simply take a shower. With very few public spaces available for the homeless to take a shower, many go weeks and even months without bathing. Without access to hygiene, people loose their sense of self and dignity. Without dignity, people eventually loose hope. Lack of hygiene is a major barrier to homeless persons as they seek jobs and housing opportunities. Generosity Shower is an innovative mobile shower service built to bring clean and fresh showers, hygiene and other holistic wellness services to people experiencing homelessness.


Sharp Dressed Man is dedicated to empowering men to improve their lives through professional presentation. We provide recycled suits for job interviews to men actively engaged in a workforce development program with various organizations throughout the Baltimore area. We equip men who are ready for work with a one on one styling experience resulting in a hand selected suit and accessories to wear to interviews among other occasions. Often an appropriate, business-professional outfit can be the last obstacle standing between men who have completed work training and employment.


Since 1999, Vehicles for Change has provided the tools necessary to achieve financial stability for families through our car donation and reentry internship programs. Whether a family needs a car or an individual needs a new job, we promote respect and independence. A nonprofit organization, VFC receives 99 percent of its car donations from the public. We repair cars that meet our quality standards and award them for as little as $950 to eligible families, who are referred to us by social service agencies. Since 1999, VFC has awarded 6,200 cars to low-income families, changing the lives of more than 22,000 people. Our 2011 study found that 75 percent of VFC recipients got better jobs and/or boosted their earnings an average of $7,000 within the first year.




Since 1995, Baltimore City Community Mediation (BCMC) has provided free mediation services and teaches conflict resolution skills in neighborhoods, families, schools, business, and all across Baltimore.​ As Baltimore struggles to respond to recent events and the broader context in which they have occurred, Baltimore Community Mediation Center offers services and programming to support dialogue and give voice to everyone.  Residents, leaders, and police need space to listen and hear each other in order to build deeper understanding and to create lasting change.  For solutions to be sustainable, everyone must have a voice in the process.


Pivot Baltimore is a non-profit that connects women released from the corrections system with critical services needed to reclaim their lives, rejoin their families and reinvigorate their communities. The PIVOT program connects formerly incarcerated women to critical services through our broad partner network. We also host an intensive bootcamp-style program, teaching skills to not only re-acclimate to society, but also thrive as contributing members to their families and communities. PIVOT creates an ecosystem of opportunity including access to housing, transportation, mental health care, addiction treatment, family services, job training, job placement, and community connections.



We believe it takes a village to create a loving, supporting environment for the communities we serve. Through our grassroots programs and empowering culture, individuals develop the skills needed to continue higher education, secure employment, and grow beyond their opportunities.Lead4Life, Inc. (L4L) was founded in 2008 in an effort to reduce the number of youth entering the juvenile justice system, the number of out-of-home placements, and the youth recidivism rate. L4L’s programs are developed utilizing restorative practices, strength-based and Positive Youth Development models. These programs help youth and their families address negative behaviors that all too often result in involvement with our criminal justice system. L4L staff, mentors, and volunteers work together to empower individuals to develop positive life, social and competency skills, enabling them to become productive community members. Services such as alternative to detention programs, diversion, and grassroots mentoring are provided both in the community and in youth detention facilities.


The Mission of Project Pneuma is to Breathe New Life holistically into the young men we serve by challenging them intellectually, strengthening them physically, nurturing them emotionally and uplifting them spiritually. The Vision of Project Pneuma is to strive to teach our young men the art of forgiveness, self-control and discipline while giving them exposure to a new world of endless possibilities. Project Pneuma will focus on teaching our young men forgiveness and self-control through meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and focus drills because many of their issues result from impulse actions; discipline through martial arts and intense physical training; and exposure to different cultures and locations because so many of them have never experienced life outside of Baltimore.

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Second Chance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides people, materials and the environment with a second chance.  We deconstruct buildings and homes, salvage usable materials and make those available to the public through our 200,000 square feet of retail space.  With the revenue generated, we provide job training and workforce development for those with employment obstacles in the Baltimore region. The Greco column in our logo speaks to the legacy of Second Chance. We are committed to preserving our collective architectural heritage.  Second Chance is the only business of its kind in the Baltimore area, with dreams to export our expertise to other regions.  We are genuine experts in reclaiming building assets.

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Power52 provides employment training for at-risk adults, returning citizens, and underserved individuals living in Baltimore City and surrounding counties that prepares participants for careers in the solar industry as well as other green job opportunities. physical training; and exposure to different cultures and locations because so many of them have never experienced life outside of Baltimore.  “POWER52 WILL NOT ONLY GIVE PEOPLE OPPORTUNITIES, BUT IT WILL ALSO EDUCATE PEOPLE SO THAT THEY CAN UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF ENERGY INDEPENDENCE WHILE CUTTING THEIR UTILITY BILL.” ~RAY LEWIS


The mission of the Franciscan Center is to provide emergency assistance and supportive outreach to persons who are economically disadvantaged in an effort to assist them in realizing their self-worth and dignity as people of God.

#LinkedInLocal is a meetup concept in over 600 cities world wide. It was created with the purpose to unite people from all walks of life, in one facilitated event, to genuinely get to know the humans behind the LinkedIn profiles, and connect beyond the job titles, business cards and company names. These events are curated to bring our tribes together and remind ourselves why it's important to connect out of the digital world. How our job titles, degrees and backgrounds are just a fraction of who we are and that we have the capacity to be more and to do more when surrounded by the right people.


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