John Huffington

Chief Operating Officer

It’s kind of redundant to introduce you to John, because seemingly everyone already knows John, is a friend  of John’s, has done business with John, has heard John speak or belongs to a panel or board with John. This man has a network. If you think of the person highest ranking in your social or business circle, trust us – John probably knows them. John has built a stellar reputation as the person who gets things done. He is the task master, the people connector, the program engine, the plan administrator. You have the machine? John’s got all the parts, so just step aside. He is the ultimate go-to guy. Not impressed? Well…John’s success comes after serving over 32 years in prison (ten on death row) for a false conviction. Not. Even. Kidding. John’s personal response to being wrongfully convicted? He gives back to the incarcerated and re-entering population, with dedicated efforts in reform, social justice, work force re-entry and supporting marginalized communities in and around Baltimore. Just. Wow. 

Recently overheard saying: “I know him/her...we were just at an event together!”

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