Joshua Persing

Chief Financial Officer

We secretly believe Josh was head cheerleader in college. You can’t come up with a single thing that Josh won’t find fabulous. That’s just how he rolls. Taxed with full workload (he’s the money guy – taxed – get it?) managing the finances for Kara’s four companies, he also runs his own company in his spare time. Yet, we have never once heard Josh complain. He is the antithesis of a “nerdy numbers guy”. He is always the bright spot in the room. Sure, he appreciates a good spreadsheet and a balanced checkbook, has already written the process for what you think you may want to do, and ensures we are always in the desired financial position; but more importantly, you just can’t not like Josh. Need a boost? Josh will lift you up, cheer you on, and keep you smiling. We deeply appreciate the person who can always find the sun in the rain. New idea? Josh supports it. New outfit? Josh loves it. New plan? Josh sees how it can work. Go find yourself a Josh and hang on.

Recently overheard saying: “That is so fabulous!  I love it!”

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